Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My First Bookbinding Workshop!

Did you read the title of this post? Yes, I will be conducting a bookbinding workshop and I am so excited !

I never expect to conduct any class this soon and for the past few years I have been keeping myself low by avoiding any social or media exposure except gathering with close crafters. But this year, I will not forgive myself if I decline any opportunity given. Well, thanks to Kak Syam from LittleSyam who convince and offers me to collaborate in her upcoming bookbinding workshop. She has been conducting the workshop for years offering various bookbinding techniques like Coptic, Kettle, French, Long and Japanese stitch. Having me, will add one more technique to be shared with all the bookbinders which is Secret Belgian binding (a.k.a Criss-Cross binding).

I feel nervous at the moment but hopefully everyone will enjoy my session :)
Can't wait to say hello to March! :D