Saturday, April 25, 2015

Perhentian Island {Day 1 of 3: 24 April 2015}

It starts from a small talk about dreams and gateways among my besties. Then slowly it turns into plans, surveys and at last, here we are at Perhentian Island !

A day before vacation, 23 April 2015

Me and husband arrive a day earlier taking evening flight departed from Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah aiport, Subang; which is just less than 10km away from our home. Landed at Sultan Ismail Petra, Kota Bharu, we took taxi that cost us MYR78 to Kuala Besut Jetty. We spent a night at Samudera Hotel, which is very close to the jetty waiting for friends to arrive by tomorrow at dawn.

Since the jetty is only a walking distance from our hotel, we decided to have a look and walk around once we arrived.

Kuala Besut Jetty. These boats will be busy tomorrow morning bringing passengers to Perhentian Island.

Me and hubby at Kuala Besut Jetty

At night, we had this delicious and huge crispy squids as our dinner at restaurant nearby. Yummy!!

Highly recommended. This huge crispy squid cost at MYR15 per plate, enough for 3-4 person.

Day 1, 24 April 2015

Friends arrived just after Subuh and hence the vacation officially started! Wohho!!
So, off from hitting keyboard; let the following pictures tell the remaining stories ;)

To Perhentian Island

All Set. Let's go and enjoy the bumpy ride !

Wonderful friends; Syuk, Kak Su, Ifadt, Alia and Aini

Arrival at Perhentian Island

With my besties.

Our first vacation came true, yeayyyyy

Fefeeling honeymoon <3


My handsome man ;)

Besties in action again :P

Snorkeling practice around Perhentian Islands

I just can't wait to jump in! XD

Clear blue ocean, everything is transparent from up here.

Last checkpoint, Lata Air Berani to wash ourselves with fresh freezy water from the hill behind.

Love his expression. What so funny, Abang? XD

To be continue..