Sunday, April 26, 2015

Perhentian Island {Day 2 of 3: 25 April 2015}

Yarghhh! Woke up early for breakfast and today's activity with this view at our stay; D'Ayumni House. Hello lovely day!

D'Ayumni House

Snorkeling at Rawa Island & Susu Dara Island

Our first activity is snorkeling of course!! What else you want to do when you are in island? Of course exploring the ocean right :D This time we will be exploring the underwater world across Perhentian Island and also two of nearby island which are Rawa and Susu Dara Island.

The water is so transparent that you can enjoy viewing all the beautiful (and mysterious; for me) creation in the sea clearly ^^,

We found various kind of fish, corals and the most interesting is we are lucky enough to greet the sea turtles !! One is on the surface of the sea and two are at the bottom. Too bad no picture ;(

Perhentian Island Windmill

At the noon, we plan to take a boat to the windmill. Ahhhh this is my weakness. My legs really can't accept climbing challenge ! ;-S

But hey, the view is definitely worth it :)

Perhentian Island's Fishermen Village

Next destination, again by boat we had our tea time and walk around fishermen's village.

Look at my besties, they are so happy!

I believe that Fishermen's Village is the main area for the community where you can find main buildings like school, masjid and police station. The sea under the jetty is again clean and clear we even found swordfish happily wandering around the jetty !! Again, too bad no picture of the fish ;(

Beautiful architecture of Masjid Ar Rahman

Can I have home like this?

Sunset at Long Beach

When stomach already full, we went back to our place and have a relax time at the beach watching sunset. I really enjoy the moment after a loooong adventure and I guess this is the best activity before we can close this short gateway...

I can see the expression of happy, tired.. and sad that this going to end soon...

Borrowing hubby's sunglass to see the sunset. Macam mak Datin sangat.

Soo relaxing...

The moon starts to conquer the sky

Night View

Tonight is our anniversary's eve. So we decided to walk along the beach and spent time together; just the two of us.

This so enchanting! <3 I love the sky. Stars are everywhere and the darker the sky, the more beautiful it is.
There, you can see the night life at Fishermen's Village that we visited earlier.

Happy anniversary, Abang <3 Can you believe that it's already a year? How time flies :')

Surprise Anniversary Celebration

After a while, our friends came and asked to join them. They said, we can view stars more clearly than here. And surprise surprise !!!

Syuk came with cake and sing for us. The candles are arranged in heart shape with postcard at the center on the sand. All the girls giggles watching us speechless and can't stop smiling :)

This is the best gift for both of us and we feel so grateful to have a wonderful friends around. The celebration are simple yet very exclusive that we know we can never get this anywhere or from anyone else.

Along the night, we chat, laugh, eat, and spent time together till everyone felt sleepy. We went back to our homestay by midnight with a heavy heart knowing that the vacation is almost over...

To be continue..