Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Secret Belgian Binding Workshop at LittleSyam Creative Nest - May 2015

When I had my first workshop last March, I never expect to have a second one within a short term. But with my mentor Kak Syam, every dreams seems so easy to catch and every worries seems can easily be ignored.

Yes, I had my second workshop last weekend :) This time, though the number goes down to 6, but I met few of my instagram followers and what more interesting is they came all the way from different countries!

Me explaining how to measure the width of book spine

Last part of demo; attaching signatures to the book cover

Marie from France / New Zealand (and every part of the world; since she is a full time traveller), Rozi from Brunei, Kak Mas, Kak Suzana, Kak Norlie and Hani from Malaysia. Priyanka; India, my student from first workshop are also there to see the demo.

Some are actually instructors with years of experience in their own specialisation; which makes me feel so honoured to have them :)

The workshop was held in 3-days offering 6 different binding. Kak Syam offer me to attend her Japanese binding slot and tada!

Me and kak Shasha explore different pattern after learning 4 basic Japanese stitch

Inspired by Kak Syam's first book, we also make a slots to hide all four basic stitch template we made into the book;
Just to make her impress and proud to have us; 'nakal-nakal' students XD

I really enjoy these three days and it is so hard for me to say goodbye especially to Marie and Rozi, knowing that the chances to meet again might be very small ;( This memories will be cherished forever, thank you kak Syam and everyone! xx

Beutiful people around me ^__^
From left clock-wise; Kak Shasha, Rozi, Marie and Kak Syam :)