Friday, July 10, 2015

Quilling Workshop at CIMB

Hi and Salam Ramadhan al-Mubarak :)

It's been more that half-a-year after I decided to leave my full-time job. Frankly speaking, I started with a scattered plans here and there, and then along the way the plans keep on changing. This decision makes my life upside down but with taking one step at a time, move on my own pace and surround myself with positive people inclusive having a mentor; I manage to grab all the chances and opportunities to move forward.

For this Ramadhan month, I initially plan to spent more time at my craft room to work on commission orders, future product and of course cook for break fast :) But, Allah's plan is more beautiful; I got invitation from Kak Syam to collaborate in CIMB Ramadhan Break Activity from 22nd June - 9th July together with EmiKaz and Kak Shasha. No need to think twice, I immediately took the chance. I got 3 slots to conduct quilling workshop where the module is making Hari Raya Greeting cards. We make Ketupat, Pelita and if we have more time, every participant is free to design any object they like on the card.

The participation responds are really overwhelming, where some came twice and most of them bring back the extra kits to share this craft activity with their kids or simply just making more quilling cards :)

Here are the pictures of my slots that we manage to capture.

Slot 1, 22nd June 2015, CIMB Jalan Raja Laut

Our first Collaboration Work; Little Syam, Simple Rhyme, Emi Kaz & Kak Shasha

Started with two while waiting for the others to come

Demo started

No no she hasn't started yet. She just too excited to pose with my cards! ;)

Ok now we start :)

From basic shapes, to something meaningful :)

I love how she arrange the flowers <3

I am so bad in remembering names *sigh* but all of you will always in my thoughts, thank you! :)

Slot 2, 7th July 2015, CIMB KL Sentral

For 2nd slod, I add more sample cards. All the quilling object are from my archival storage.

I also did some introduction to quilling art

Now, everyone busy making ketupat :)

Before we disperse, I ask them to shout Selamat Hari Raya! :))

Our last two participants of the day together with kak Shasha. Yes, they have to shout Selamat Hari Raya too! XD

Slot 3, 9th July 2015, CIMB KL Sentral

Last slot. "We are going to make this beautiful ketupat ok. Make sure you finish one. Kalau tak, kene tahan. hehehe" :P

"You roll roll roll the paper till the end like this ya"

Look how concentrate they are. Hihihi.

While quilling, you can actually chit chat and talk about anything. No stress at all :)

Buat sambil pejam mata pun boleh he he

Datin Shasha preparing more sample cards ;)

Back there is Emi conducting bracelet workshop :)


Last participants and together with the collab gang! It's a wrap!

Thank you Kak Syam, Kak Shasha, Emi and also Fairuz from CIMB for this opportunity. Also, nice to meet all you who had participated in the workshop. Thank you so much and enjoy quilling !

Selamat Hari Raya! :P