Monday, September 21, 2015

Secret Belgian Binding Workshop at LittleSyam Creative Nest - September 2015

Last Saturday was my third workshop at LittleSyam Creative Nest. This made in total 33 students so far :)

Ok, let's start :D

From left clockwise; Awing, Clara, Liza and Akmal

From top right anti-clockwise; Masya, Liyana, Javin and Zila

Ayu; the one who wear a wide smile. Beside her is kak Laili and her small sister – i didn't get her name. Opps :P

One of the demo; Preparation of book cover

We ended our workshop around 7:15pm. I hope I have shared enough tips and knowledge for them to bring back. As for myself, I also brought back wonderful experiences and feelings. I started not too depending on kak Syam, gain back all the confident that I had during my career time as technical lead and also, I manage to memorize all names of the students. Yeayy !! – FYI, this is one of my weakest skill.

I thank Allah for putting me in this beautiful journey. Thank you also to kak Syam who actually helps me a lot to build back my career in handmade industry. And not to forget, all cheerful students who came from all parts of Malaysia; KL, Melaka, Penang. Thank you so much! Akmal and Ayu have to leave early, so only these two pictures for group photo :')

Last but not least, Craft monster attack! Erkkk ;)

Well, this is actually our true colours! :P