Sunday, October 18, 2015

Khayamiya at Islamic Art Museum Malaysia

Last two weeks, me and my little craft family went to Islamic Art Museum Malaysia to see and learn the beautiful art of Khayamiya (Arabic خيّامية Khayyāmiyah), the Egyptian art of Tent-making.

3rd October, 2015 | Khayamiya – Khedival to Contemporary: A Lecture by Dr. Sam Bowker

It is a public talk about the history of Khayamiya and how this art has been evolve to something contemporary to suit each generation. Dr Sam which from Charles Sturt University also discussed the challenges on survival of this art towards the future. There are so many information shared and i feel amazed especially on how people at earlier time creatively and patiently stitch every single appliqué until it became a huge huge tent. Amazing and spectacular!

Here are some of the panel and small tent exhibited in the gallery.

Three brothers; very old Khayamiya Panel. They used to have bright and vibrant colours

99 Names of Allah; really amazing. This was the last masterpiece of late Mohammed Dendon ;'(

Beautiful tent at the centre of exhibition hall

Zoom in. See how each appliqué being sewn onto the panel

From lotus bud to lotus flower. So pretty.

7-8 October, 2015 | Stitch Like an Egyptian: Khayamiya Appliqué Masterclass with Hany Mahmoud, Tentmaker of Cairo

We have now learn the theoretical part. Now, let's stitch like an Egyption! ;)

Mr. Hany Mahmoud is one of the master at Tentmaker Street, Cairo. We learn from designing to finishing the panel with (also hand-stitched) border. I poke my thumb with needle sooo many times. But him; he stitch like a sewing machine! XD zub-zub-zubb; fast and precise. It is quite tricky to fold the appliqué initially, but having a quite large canvas (for us) trains us to keep on improving and getting the correct position to make it easier within this two days session.

Something new, something other than paper; Something really different from what I have ventured in this art and craft world. I used to hand-stitch my hijab when i was in school. I thought the skill was already gone. But hey! my teacher said my stitching is perfect! yeayyyyy

Enjoy the picture below :)

Ok, you have to finish the whole piece within two days. Arkkk!

Mr. Hany Mahmoud demonstrate how to construct a symmetrical design

And also prepare and stitch the appliqué onto the canvas

Ok, let's start!

Mr. Hany mahmoud shows his current work. Not finish yet, he said. For me, this is already perfect!!

More to go! (^_^)"

Last part, applying border

Yeayyyy !

This equals to more homework. Errr... Errr...

It was a very worthwhile experience and really inspiring. The exhibition is still on going until end of January next year. So for those who interested, do make some time to visit and cherish this beautiful art :)