Monday, November 30, 2015

Art Market Malaysia 2015

Year 2015 was the first year of me concentrate in art & craft as my full time job. So this month, I manage to participate in my first bazaar under Art Market Malaysia. I share the booth together with Zainab; my sister and Sazalina; owner of Share Your Love with Cards. And together with us also, this cute little assistant; which is our youngest sister, Nana ❣

The event was so happening and we had so much fun. Well, not much to write here, let the picture tells the story! ;)

27 November 2015

Before the event; setting up our table :)

Keep on rearranging things. Haha

28 November 2015

Saza came and fill up the table! Yeayyyy

Now, we are ready for sale!

We also have a small spot to teach visitors on making their own notebooks :)

My bestfriend came for a visit! Ifaaaaadt ♥

More friends giving their support! Tania, Bali, Christine & Caroline. Thank you guys! ♥

29 November 2015

I always adore my sister's artwork ♥

Make your own notebook session; Day 2 :)

Make your own notebook session; Day 2 :)

Make your own notebook session; Day 2 :)

First time meeting Asma Hazelnut face-to-face. She's one of my close quilling friend online :)

Kak Sha, Emi & Kak Syam give a surprise visit on our last day! Thank you ♥

Had our Henna from my sister before we disperse. So prettyyyyy ♥

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Crafters Get Together - November 2015

Look at how excited I am! Hahaha! XD

5 years of friendship and the members keep growing!
What a fun day! XD

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Secret Belgian Binding Workshop at LittleSyam Creative Nest - November 2015

Having Yuen, Farhan, Sofia and Hana makes it in total 37 students for this first year! ♥
I am so thankful for the experiences and I am looking forward to have more fun in 2016 classes :)

Friday, November 13, 2015

Songket Box

Collaboration work with Little Syam; Clamshell box wrapped in Songket and Prima Cotton

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Beyond Craft Symposium by Galeri PETRONAS

This is my first time attending symposium and at first I don't know exactly how symposium is conducted. But I felt so lucky to be given a chance to attend this event as it was so inspiring and open my eyes to see arts and artists journey in a different perspectives.

Me posing in front of the Gallery :)

The symposium was actually in conjuction with POHON BUDI exhibition: Seeds of Energy from Tree of Life, where Creative Imaginings Abound. The speakers are from selected country where each of them masters their own skills and experiences whether as an artist or a person who support their local artists and community. Basically, the symposium is to address the preservation of vanishing indigenous art traditions.
"POHON BUDI exhibition offers visitors an opportunity to rethink and reframe relations between art and the environment on a critical and creative level, while fostering a love for nature to nurture behaviors that will benefit a healthy and sustainable world. 
Each individually hand-crafted art pieces are created from natural materials. The fine works of art focus on traditional and contemporary expressions, presenting various genres and medias ranging from textile, stone, ceramics, metal, glass, wood, paper, beads and lacquer. 
POHON BUDI stems from the word BUDAYA which means CULTURE in the Malay Language, a poetic marriage of two words; BUDI, which means GOOD PRACTICE; and DAYA, which means Energy. POHON BUDI symbolises the idea of a universal COSMIC TREE, as expressed in this exhibition" 
— Galeri Petronas
Respectable artist and speakers from different countries who share their journey in crafting inspiring and beautiful work

After the symposium; we went down to the gallery and here are some of inspiring and amazing work from the participated artist.

Hand-painted on tussar silk with maddler coloured pigment, Kailash Meher, Contemporary, India

Songket Textile on Silk, Roots of Renaissance, Dr June Ngo & Ong Wan Fen, Contemporary, Malaysia

Khadi jamdani saree hand woven cotton, Series of 3, Gaurung Shah,Traditional, India

Natural Indigo Hand Painted on Cotton, Tzu Lo Cho, Contemporary, Taiwan 

Tree of life collage using mixed leaves on iron wood, Ramsay Ong, Contemporary, Malaysia

woven peacock feathers, embroided with beetle wings and pleated silver threads, Asif Shaikh, Contemporary, India

woven peacock feathers, embroided with beetle wings and pleated silver threads, Asif Shaikh, Contemporary, India

Silk Ikat Stole, Uzbekistan

There are actually many more remarkable work I wish I could have time to capture them...